For the last 13 years, ishmael has been keeping A southeastern art presence, and has devoted his art to spreading the message of the book Ishmael, written by Daniel Quinn. He is a Spanish-born multimedia artist who was raised in Florida and now lives in Asheville. Ishmael’s recent projects include bold murals for Ananda Hair Studio in Asheville; Triangle Grill in Charleston, South Carolina; and custom works for The Old Wood Company.Ishmael’s collaboration with Darren Green of The Old Wood Company began last year with custom designs for the street art inspired Capture cube tables and The Old Wood Boom Box. Additionally, his artwork graced the cover of last year’s Look Book, with its vivid colors and dynamic design.The urban-influenced Capture cube street art table is the latest incarnation of Ishmael’s collaboration with The Old Wood Company. His magnetic works are far reaching and have gained remarkable appreciation.

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